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About Laura Waddell

Laura Gillespie Waddell is a 37-year-old talented writer and accomplished publisher hailing from Glasgow, Scotland. Known for her literary prowess and dedication to promoting diverse voices in the world of literature, Waddell has made significant contributions to the literary landscape of the UK and beyond.

Cultural Critic

She is a critic who has contributed to publications such as the Times Literary Supplement, The Guardian, Glasgow Review of Books, Gutter, Review 31, Scottish Review of Books, and more.


Laura Waddell has been a weekly columnist for The Scotsman newspaper and received a Write to End Violence Against Women Award for her column in 2019.

Public Speaker

She is a public speaker on topics related to literature, feminism, class, publishing, and her own writing. She also regularly chairs literary events.

Advocacy and impact

Laura Waddell is not only a prolific writer and skilled publisher but also an advocacy writer who is a passionate advocate for inclusivity and accessibility in the arts. Growing up in a working-class background, she understands the challenges faced by individuals from similar backgrounds who aspire to enter the publishing world. She remains committed to breaking down barriers and advocating for greater representation and diversity within the industry.

Editorial Roles

Laura Waddell is a member of the editorial board of Gutter magazine, a Scottish literary magazine. This involvement in the magazine's editorial process showcases her dedication to the literary community in Scotland and her role in promoting emerging voices.

Diverse Writing Portfolio

Her work spans various genres, including cultural criticism and fiction. Her writing has been featured in prestigious publications such as The TLS and The Guardian, as well as in Kinfolk and McSweeney's. Additionally, her contributions extend beyond print media to include appearances on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Scotland, demonstrating her versatility as a writer and commentator.

Academic Background

She holds a Master of Letters (MLitt) degree in Modernities from the University of Glasgow and a Master of Arts (M.A. Hons) in English Literature.


Laura has volunteered as a Social Media Editor and Sales Assistant at Oxfam Books and has contributed to social media marketing and communication efforts.

Freelance Work

She has worked as a freelance publisher and freelance writer, managing campaigns, content creation, and marketing strategy for various clients, including NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Spriten Forlag, Les Fugitives/CB Editions, and others.

Digital Marketing Executive

She worked as a Digital Marketing Executive at Freight Books, where she developed marketing strategies for book titles, managed promotional communications, and engaged with target markets.


Laura also has experience as a freelance model, contributing to various events and fashion-related activities.